Austin Photography Classes
Austin Texas Photography Classes

Austin Texas Photography Classes/Workshops
by Kevin Gourley Photography Workshops- Austin, TX

Students regularly rank our school of photography with 5 stars, rating our classes best in the area! We offer small class sizes and individual instruction to give you the best learning experience possible.

Internationally-published, award-winning Austin Texas photographer Kevin Gourley teaches a variety of great photography classes and workshops for photographers (beginners, hobbyists, and professionals) in the Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Lake Travis, Lakeway, and Texas Hill Country area.

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Students Rate Our Classes - 5 Stars *****


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About our Photography Classes and Workshops: 

  • "Kevin is an amazing teacher. Love that the classes were small enough that it was almost like having a private tutoring lesson. He encouraged us to ask questions, and was extremely knowledgable in giving us answers and or solutions to them. I would definitely recommend one of his classes. I've felt a little light bulb go off in my mind, many of times. If you're like me, and love photography and want to learn all there is, this is the place to be." Leslie A.

  • "Kevin is a wealth of knowledge. I've learned more about how a camera works, and how to manage light from Kevin than I ever did in college. I've taken four courses with Kevin and each course has helped me gain not only the skills, but also the confidence, to take better photos."

  • "Kevin Gourley is a fantastic instructor! He exceeded all expectations in the Photography 101 class. Kevin's ability to bring together the technical and artistic side of photography is magical. I highly recommend any beginner to take this class. :)"  
  • "Kevin's class is amazing! I was sure I would NEVER get beyond shooting in auto mode. After Kevin's class, I don't think I'll ever go BACK to auto mode again! Thanks Kevin! I will be back for additional classes!" -Jennifer *never shooting in auto again* Chastain
  • "I look forward to taking more of your classes. Your personable style and obvious passion for photography make for stellar classes."
  • "I did have a blast over the weekend and learned so much! ... Your class presented the information in a format and on a level I could understand."
  • "Kevin Gourley is a fantastic instructor! He exceeded all expectations in the Photography 101 class. Kevin's ability to bring together the technical and artistic side of photography is magical. I highly recommend any beginner to take this class. :)"
  • "I would, without hesitation, recommend Kevin's 101 Workshop to anyone wanting to learn more about photography. Even if you are a beginner and feel a little intimidated, you will instantly be at ease with Kevin. This is someone that is living his passion and passing it on to his students brilliantly. This class was a joy to be in, and I learned so much without ever feeling overwhelmed or confused. Kevin has put a lot of time and effort into making his classes a top notch experience, and he has succeeded beautifully. In addition, his demonstrations and unique perspective on his craft make it truly special. I look forward to taking more classes from him in the future!"
  • "Thanks again for a wonderful class and restoring my drive to become a better photographer!!"
  • "Mastering the Fundamentals was a perfect follow-up to the Photography 101 class. I now feel well armed to tackle any photographic challenge. - Kendall Schmidt"
  • "I have been taking photographs for a long time. Along the way, I have taken a few good photographs (far more bad than good). In the past, I could only attribute the good photographs to luck and/or technology. With a better understanding of the general principals behind photography (learned through Kevinís course) and practice (something I felt compelled/encouraged to do as a result of taking Kevinís course), I am definitely a better photographer."
  • "Thanks for everything. Through your class I've learned a lot and reignited a passion for a hobby I used to get a lot of enjoyment out of--but let slip away."
  • "I wanted to send a quick email to let you know just how much I have enjoyed the class! I have been exposed to things and learned techniques that I never thought I would understand. ... I just wanted you to know, you are a fantastic teacher."
  • "Thanks for all your hard work and patience with me. I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned! It is amazing!"
  • "I was really scared that I was going to get left behind in the class. And afraid that I was going to be the ONLY person who didn't understand a bit of what was going on. After failing miserably at trying to read and understand books on how to use my camera I was fed up with shooting on Auto and constantly getting blurry pictures. So I researched Kevin's class and signed up. BEST decision I've made. Even though there were some parts that I didn't understand Kevin helped me to understand and did it in a way that didn't leave me feeling hopeless. The class ended with me feeling 100% more confident and really excited to put to use my knowledge."
  • "Thank you! I just feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful source for learning more about photography. Your classes far surpassed the expectations that Bethany and I had. And in part I feel that it's simply because you have such a love for photography and you clearly feel that connection with your work. Your photographs really mean something to you. They aren't just an image on paper. For those that have a similar take on what it all means to them, I think it makes your classes, and your perspectives and experiences much easier to pick up on. You simply have a very unique way of helping your students understand the technology and the techniques and to actually have it seem almost elementary to them. I most definitely gained SO much from taking the class and I sincerely appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with others."
  • "I have learned SO much more than I ever thought possible AND I am looking so forward to the holidays so I can capture all the activities with my grandkids! Taking the classes just got me fired up about photography!"
  • "I gave the Photography 101 class to my daughter as a gift and she thoroughly enjoyed it. I was very impressed with how quickly she picked up the camera functions and how to use them properly. Because of what she learned through Kevin ~ we were able to do a Fall photo shoot for one of our local day care centers ~ and a Santa shoot at the public library as well. The pictures were beautiful, and the parents were all very pleased. My Christmas gift from my children was the best ever ~ Photography 101 with Kevin Gourley. Kevin has such a passion for photography and it truly shows in his pictures. His classes were very enjoyable ~ very personable ~ and very informative. He does an outstanding job of delivering the subject ~ and truly strives to have his students understand all that he has brought out in each class. He stays after classes if necessary should someone feel that they are not quite clear about something ~ and encourages everyone to pick up the phone and call him should they run in to difficulties. He truly goes above and beyond what my daughter and I expected ~ and we look so forward to learning more from Kevin in future classes. Thank you Kevin for an outstanding job ~ for sharing your beautiful work, and amazing talent."
  • "I really enjoyed the Photography 101 Class, and feel that I have learned so much from all of the wonderful techniques Kevin showed us! I look forward to taking more classes & highly recommend to others to take the classes as well!! The class was AWESOME & I am constantly using the techniques in my photography!!! Kevin was also very helpful & answered any questions I had!!!"
  • "Thank you for a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the class & will definitely be coming to some of the other classes you are offering!!!"
  • "Kevin's workshop has given me the basic understanding of my camera & it's manual functions.... Something I could never learn from a book. His clear and concise education of the basics of photography was just what I was looking for after YEARS of taking pictures in automatic mode. I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed open discussion setting & would definitely recommend this class to others! Thanks Kevin!"
  • "Kevin has great views on photography. He also explains to where you can understand and doesn't go over your head."
  • "What I really loved about this class is that Kevin has so much experience and great tips for every issue you could possibly think of. He doesn't only teach the theory, I could really tell that he actually DOES what he's talking about - these are real tips from a real photographer."
  • "While the class was a great introduction into digital photography, it was also so much more. It was a perfect mix of technical detail and creative elements, stressing the photographer as much as the camera. This class was just what I was looking for. Highly recommended!"
  • "After taking the Photography 101 class with Kevin, I feel I actually understand how my camera works and all of its capabilities. Kevin's presentations and hands on classes were well put together and easy to understand. Whether you are wanting to get serious about photography or just take better snapshots in your everyday life, I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn the basics of photography."
  • "Kevin's class is so informative. He cares about everyone understanding all of the material he covers and invites your questions. Students receive a copy of everything covered in class which eliminates spending too much time taking notes. Kevin's knowledge & passion for cameras and photography make him an excellent teacher."
  • "An excellent class to learn the basics of photography as well as some great pointers from a seasoned professional!! Kevin was an exceptional teacher with a hands on approach to help a 'newbie' learn photography."
  • "After many thousands of dollars worth of cameras from 1999 until now, I've finally realized that I didn't just need a better camera but instead I needed Kevin's Photography 101 Weekend Workshop. I guess I don't have an excuse to buy the latest and greatest camera now."
  • "Kevin is a great teacher, especially for those of us who are new to digital SLR photography. Thank you for offering a basic Photography class, Kevin!"  Janis
  • About Photography 101: "An excellent class to learn the basics of photography as well as some great pointers from a seasoned professional!! Kevin was an exceptional teacher with a hands on approach to help a 'newbie' learn photography."
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the Photography 101 class. I learned so much about my camera that I'm much more comfortable pushing myself and my photos. The classroom setting is comfortable and Kevin is a really great teacher - combining technical information and answering questions readily. Kevin's way of teaching is friendly and you feel that he listens to you and understands what your needs are. I can't wait to take another class! I will be telling all my photo friends about Kevin and definitely encourage them to take some classes!"
  • "I learned quite a bit about my camera and how to use it. The homework really helped to take what I learned in class and apply it in my pictures. The things we learned about how to set up the picture and what to look for when we take a picture was really helpful. Kevin is an awesome teacher. Even the simplest questions were answered and discussed w/o making the person asking the question feel uncomfortable."
  • "Your Painting With Light class really opened my eyes to a whole new way to take pictures. SO FUN!"
  • "Kevin, after 30 years of experimenting with photography but always using automatic settings, I finally learned how to shoot manually! You did a fantastic job of explaining photography and light. You are very talented and creative - thanks for sharing. I love that you are so passionate about photography as an art and that you encourage it in others!"
  • "I really liked the pace and how the homework assignments helped cement my understanding of different lessons. I really, really enjoyed the get-together/slide show as the last class."
  • "Kevin did a great job making the information interesting and the shots I wanted to get attainable by introducing basic information in an easy-to-understand format."
  • "Kevin's classes are incredibly well organized, and they are a terrific blend of technical and artistic information. He manages to impart a huge amount of information in each class and makes himself available for questions outside of class too. I finally "got" some concepts that I'd been struggling to understand -- and FINALLY had the courage to turn off the Automatic settings and try Manual. Great experience! I'm looking forward to taking more classes with Kevin."
  • "Painting With Light was an amazing experience! After shooting film and digital for a total of 30+ years, this was a fantastic opportunity to learn a new art using photography. Kevin teaches with patience and enthusiasm, ensuring everyone learns. I highly recommend this experience to newcomer- and oldtimer-photographers of all ages!"  Heather
  • "I had a blast and learned so much, thank you!!!"  AC
  • "I loved how this class made me realize how little I knew about my camera. I have always used automatic settings and have sometimes been very happy with the results and not so happy other times. This class opened my eyes to so many things and I can't wait to experiment with different settings, shutter speeds and lighting. I would love to take future classes and would recommend this class to anyone that wants to get out of the "automatic" settings." Angie Churchill
  • Painting with Light:  "It was a lot of fun. Hope I can go to some of your other classes." JP
  • "If you're new to photography, like me, books will only get you so far. Kevin's class answered all the questions the books did not. His knowledge of photography is vast and his guidance was invaluable. The passion he has for photography is evident throughout the session and highly addictive. Kevin, thank you for turning a novice into a photographer." - Robert R
  • "Kevin's photography classes provide an excellent foundation in digital photography and are perfect for enthusiasts who would like to take their photography to the next level." Eric Deal
  • "Kevin is an extremely knowledgeable photographer who communicates with a lot of passion. Taking his class gives you real motivation to take better photos and gives you the know-how to do it." - Beth Schrader, The Busy Traveler
  • "Photo 101 took the mystery out of all the little buttons on the top, sides and back of the camera. Things like white balance, ISO, speed and aperture were cleared up."
  • "Kevin's passion for photography is obvious in his teaching. He goes above and beyond helping his students to understand and explore various aspects of the subject. Everything I learned in this class was helpful and I walked away with a renewed enthusiasm for photography." - J.M.
  • "Kevin Gourley shares his passion for photography very well by delivering on the dot with this class. The amount of concepts covered in the class are very diverse and broad. Kevin certainly inspires you to spend the time and learn photography as well as look beyond the lens!"
  • "I really enjoyed the classes and learned a lot. Even though I had read about many of the topics, a classroom setting was better for absorbing and understanding the information."
  • "Kevin, Thank you for the outstanding lesson you provided in your studio. With your engineering background you were able to methodically breakdown each step of the process, but did it in a way that was very organic, easy to understand and unintimidating. It was a priceless experience for me to see how each studio light affected the subject and to see how much control a good photographer can have with light. The lesson only got better as I watched you transform from a technical instructor to visual artist during the last 30 minutes of the lesson. It was like having two different instructors. I have a whole new respect for studio photography and canít wait to try some of the lessons at home. Now I have to clean out the garage to have a space to shoot!"   Jaime G.
  • "Thank you so much for putting on this workshop. This is EXACTLY what I've been needing!!!" - Ramona H.
  • "As someone who is starting out in photography I have been so blessed to find Kevin. I love his work! He is so knowledgeable in all aspects of photography and is always willing to share that knowledge. I've been on a couple of photo shoots with Kevin and it's easy to see how much he loves what he's doing. Thanks for everything Kevin!" - Joanna
  • "When Kevin teaches photography, it's clear that he's passionate about quality, professionalism and customer service. To him, photography is a form of creative expression that requires attention to detail." - Sam
  • "Kevin is the nicest and most helpful person you will ever meet and he really knows his stuff. He can help you no matter what your need might be."  - Christina
  • "It has been a joy being in class with Kevin. You can tell he loves photography and loves to help others understand the different areas of photography. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate you always seem to go away with learning something. Thanks Kevin!!!!" - Elizabeth
  • "Kevin's classes are where Right Brain meets Left Brain Ö and they play nicely together! All those photographic 'techie' things intimidated me; but I knew that ignorance of them was limiting my ability to use my camera the way I really wanted to. But Kevin makes the science simple and quickly helps you put it to work in service to your creative spirit. He quickly grasps your visionĖ the vision of your eyes and your camera -- and those visions of your heart Ė and teaches you how to better express them." - Linda


    Austin Texas Photography Classes and Workshops
    by Kevin Gourley

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